June 30th, 2011:
Theater Project: Close, Yet Far…

The major construction on our basement remodel is complete… And it looks amazing. My brother’s custom building company, Degen Development, really transformed the unfinished space into somewhere I would like to spend a lot of time. The basement is now divided into 5 spaces with several closets for equipment and utilities. There is a game room with arcade and air hockey, a bar (not completely finished yet, due to the cost of cabinets and countertops), and dedicated theater room. We’re at the point when we should be buying all of the equipment for the theater, but due to tsunami damage in Japan’s manufacturing plants, our projector is no longer available. So, our consultant at AVIO have recommended a different model (given our requirements) that will be available in August. Everything else is ordered and available. So, come August, we will be enjoying big screen goodness in our home theater.

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