January 9th, 2011:
Keith, Gina and I Record A Few Songs (Part 1)

In early December of last year, Gina, Keith and I goofed around with some of the most basic recording equipment I’ve ever used to record a few songs. Using a simple USB audio-in converter and a 4-channel mixer we recorded Crazy and I Will Follow You Into The Dark along with a few others that I’ll have online soon. This was all recorded live… and just for fun. No post-production work has been done.

One response to “Keith, Gina and I Record A Few Songs (Part 1)”

  1. While these are titilating (especially the second, which I don’t have to describe how the voice of Whineyho makes me feel) I’ve done an extensive text search for “Transformers” to no avail. I wait with baited breath for Part 2 to feature said song. BAITED breath.

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