November 22nd, 2010:
A Visit to Shawn O’Grady’s 8/16-bit “Museum”

I met Shawn O’Grady while visiting the University of Michigan 3D lab. He’s the rapid prototyping expert on-site and does some amazing stuff during the day. However, a chance mentioning of Lightwave 3D on the Amiga had us talking about our affinity for the 20-year old multimedia powerhouses before the end of my visit. A few weeks later, Shawn came over to our house and tried to revive one of my Amigas (a 2000 w/ Video Toaster). The computer was DOA, so he hooked med up with his beautifully restored and updated A2000 and I gave him my A4000T. All-in-all, I just wasn’t using the A2000 he gave me and I thought it should go back to Shawn. This past weekend, I visited Shawn and got to check out his amazing collection of Atari, Commodore, and other retro hardware.

Shawn has updated his “museum” a fair bit since these photos were taken. I thought I knew just about everything from the history of Commodore/Amiga, but he has machines I never knew existed including the Commodore plus/4 and Commodore 16! Just about every Atari console and computer system were also represented. He has a few rare/odd finds including the Mattel Aquarius and Coleco Adam computer systems and a handful of game systems only found in Japan.

To cap it all off, Shawn had an old Super Cobra arcade cabinet made by Stern that he wanted to give to a good home to make some room in his garage. I gladly accepted it and will be restoring/updating it for MAME duties in our theater’s game room!

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  1. How much for the Jaguar 64?

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