November 2nd, 2010:
Return to the Basement Project

After a brief hiatus from our basement project to work on larger projects for clients, Christian is going to squeeze some time in to work on hanging the ceiling and install the trim and doors in our basement. Once this is complete, we’ll be able to apply the final coats of paint, install the overhead can lighting, and get the carpet installed. If each remaining part of the project takes a week (or weekend), we should be able to schedule our projector and screen installation by the end of the year! (Pics of the project here.)

Basement Floorplan

2 responses to “Return to the Basement Project”

  1. MorlockPrime says:

    Oh my. I’m so excited I just wet myself.

  2. I forsee the project not completing by the end of the year. That’s the power of hindsight.

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