October 16th, 2011:
I Think We Missed The Summer?!

Apparently, summer happened. We were so busy, I’m afraid we missed it. So much was going on that we just didn’t notice!

Gina interviewed with a number of Universities and Research Institutes across the U.S., but decided to set up her new lab at Michigan State. She’ll start there in June 2012. We had a full and successful race season. A lot of the gremlins in my race car have been cased off and it performed very consistently, though we all agree it’s time for a new engine and upgraded transmission. I survived and enjoyed my first full year working in downtown Detroit. I’ve yet to drive to lunch and did more waking downtown than I would have imagined a year ago. We also completed our basement theater (with the only exception of an anamorphic lens for our projector) and game room. We even upgraded to a Sony ES 3D projector. We had a late summer/early fall trip to Florida with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. Gina had to present some of her work a a big conference, but it was a good excuse to hang out in a rental house with hot tub and pool. We even made it to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom despite some sickness on my brother, nephew’s and my parts.

We’re looking forward to settling in for the winter and enjoying our theater while preparing to finish the bar area! If I’m really lucky, I’ll find some time to update this blog a little more often!

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