March 31st, 2010:
Some More Guitar Work

I couldn’t just stop with a few guitars, could I? As noted in my last post, I’ve been working on my guitars over the past few days as time between car work, side work, and work-work has allowed. When I began inspecting the first acoustic I owned, I found that the tuning hardware was failing. It’s a great sounding acoustic guitar (no electronics) that my parents bought for me many, many Christmas seasons ago (about 17 years…). I couldn’t find the exact tuning hardware, so I got a slightly better version: gold-colored Gotoh magnum locking tuners (SG381-MG). It’s such a huge improvement, I’m tempted to replace my remaining non-locking tuners with locking versions. The hardware is noticeably heavier and the gear ratio (1:16) is much more precise. With new strings, a little T.L.C. and new hardware, it’s like having a new acoustic.

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