May 17th, 2010:
Quick Update: Teaching, Birthdays, New Car, Racing

Gina finished teaching a few weeks ago. She was keeping herself (really) busy creating a curriculum from scratch and teaching a lecture + lab at U of M in Dearborn. It went so well that she’s been asked to teach again next winter!

Our Nephew’s first birthday was last weekend. Personally, if 50 people showed up for one of my birthday parties, I would have had an anxiety attack! The little guy handled it well, though… especially the ceremonial first cake. All it took was one taste of Gina’s handiwork, and fist-fulls of cake were consumed in record time!

With some of her earning from teaching, Gina bought herself a new-to-her 2008 Impreza Outback Sport! I tease her that I’m jealous to cover for the fact that I’m actually jealous! It’s a nice ride: heated seats, wiper de-icers, premium sound system and averaging about 26 miles per gallon!

Racing season is right around the corner. I’ve been on edge trying to get our new racecar prepped. Gina helped a ton over the past week so I would be a little less stressed. Right now the car is fully assembled and waiting to be loaded into our trailer for a visit with Glenn for alignment and some scale time.

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