March 30th, 2010:
Guitar Work

After last week’s band practice, I realized that I’ve really not been replacing my strings as I should. I dusted off my Telecaster for the first time in several years (yes, I’m a bad guitar owner… I know) and though it (surprisingly) sounded exceptionally nice, it really needed new strings. I figured it would be a good time to try some different strings on different guitars. So I headed off to The Music Man in Brighton and picked up D’Addario EJ17 Medium Gauge strings for our acoustics. A set of GHS Heavyweight Boomers (10-46) for my Telecaster. A set of D’Addario XL (9-42) for my PRS Tremonti. And, finally, a set of Ernie Ball Slinky Hybrids (9-11-16-26-36-46) for my Parker Fly… essentially, the first 3 strings are from a set of 9’s and the bottom 3 strings are from a set of 10’s. Nice flexibility for the "solo" strings with great tone for the "rhythm" strings. 6 guitars and a few days later and I’m really glad that I snagged a winder tool to use with my cordless screwdriver. I really must be better at replacing my most played strings on a monthly basis.

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