March 26th, 2010:
I’m a lazy blogger…

I really haven’t been posting much. Every once-in-a-while, I get burned out and just stop posting. For the 2 people out there that still read my updates: I’m sorry.

I’ve been running around a lot a work. It’s all quite exciting for me, but the details are sure to bore most everyone out there. Consider yourself spared. However in the category of "almost interesting" is how much work my brother (Christian from Degen Development Corp.) has gotten done on our basement project. He’s been coming over during the week when his big projects allow and we’re just a day of work away from insulation and drywall! I was stunned by how precise and meticulous his work has been. I didn’t expect anything less, but the level of detail in everything he does is amazing. Of particular interest is how cleanly he removed the old drywall from the basement stairs. It looks like it was just installed and the old stuff was never even there!

The weather has allowed temperatures to peek above the 50 degree mark on several occasions recently. That means that I’m officially obligated to get my butt out to the shop and finish up my race car for the season! More to come…

3 responses to “I’m a lazy blogger…”

  1. Don’t forget our BF:BC2 progress, mega-awesome squad activate.

  2. MorlockPrime says:

    Where are the pictures? I want to see dry wall and fiberglass insulation!

  3. Duane says:

    You just can’t assign a value to quality time spent with the B-Rad. You keep pouring lead into fools and I’ll defib you.

    As far as basement progress, you can see some pics here.

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