June 25th, 2007:
Airsoft in the barn last weekend, race at WHRRI this weekend.

Last weekend 7 of us got together for a S.W.A.T. style airsoft skirmish in our polebarn/shop. This time everyone helped set up the tarp walls and obstacles, so it only took 2 hours to configure the barn (instead of a whole day when I did it myself… woot!). Overall, the action was excellent. Our neighbors had a few stragglers from a graduation party they hosted earlier in the day that stayed around to spectate. We’re all using upgraded rifles so, things were pretty fast-paced (and darn painful)! But, it was a ton of fun. My favorite skirmishes were pistol-only battles. Since pistols had smaller-capacity magazines, everyone had to think about each shot instead of laying down a constant stream of fire. More airsoft events will be coming soon.

Next weekend I’ll be returning to Waterford Hills for the 3rd race of the season. I’m going to push a bit harder and see how my setup changes will affect me. See you at the track!

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