June 12th, 2007:
Sebastian has asthma… but that’s actually good news.

Over the past week or so, Sebastian (our pseudo-siamese cat) has awakened us with coughing fits. We though he was getting a cold, so Gina took him to the local vet. Their first concern was that he had contracted heart worm or that it was possibly asthma. Although serious, heartworm is rare in cats… in fact they usually self-cure. However, there are cases that don’t work out that well. The vet did some blood tests and we found out today that Sebastian just has kitty asthma. He gets some meds on occasion to control the coughing fits. He’s the best cat I’ve ever had and everyone that meets him falls in love right away. He insists on being with us as much as possible and sleeps in (not on… IN) the bed with us (which actually complicated his asthma symptoms). We’re glad he’s going to be fine.

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