July 5th, 2007:
Best time at WHRRI so far… and consistent too! Transformers: best action movie in years.

Last weekend, I participated in race weekend 3 at Waterford Hills. I can consistent 1’23″s, with a low time of 1’23.432″ after finding a slightly better approach to swamp turn, turn 1, and the entrance to the esses. I got clipped by a rookie driver which knocked off my driver’s side, dented my door, and left a nice tire doughnut on the side. Oh well, it’s time to replace the factory mirrors with tiny rollcage mirrors anyway.

Gina and I saw The Transformers on the 4th. First off, I must recommend morning movies. They’re only $4! There are also far fewer people in the theater. I’ve been waiting for this movie since the earliest rumor reports. For a long time, the 1986 animated film was my favorite movie… I was, indeed, a Transformers geek. The movie is over 2 hours long… and all action… loud action. It didn’t help that Gina and I attended a Tool concert the night before: our midrange hearing was all but trashed. The effects are awesome, the story is fair, considering the subject matter. The bumbling personalities of the Autobots fit their “run-away-from-danger” reputation. Check it out on the big screen, it’s definitely worth it.

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