August 16th, 2006:
I try textpattern, and I like it.

I’ve always built my web site frameworks from scratch. Most of the time it was because I needed specific solutions for personal projects that just didn’t fit. However, I recently had an idea for a site that I wanted to get up quickly and not worry about maintaining it.

I guess I’ve been feeling a bit sentimental recently. I wanted to build a site to catalog my memories of growing up in a great neighborhood with great friends. A journal/blog site would work well for this, so I checked out TextPattern. I’ve looked at it in the past, but it didn’t fit my needs at the time. However for my new site it fits quite well.

I’m hoping that my childhood friends find it through serendipity or word-of-mouth and make article and comment contributions. I’ve found it to be far less stressful than building a framework from scratch… I even used a public design template so I don’t have to build the UI either! I’m getting lazy in my old age! Etcetera (this site) was built about 6 years ago and is due for a major overhaul. Maybe I’ll move it to textpattern too…

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