August 1st, 2006:
Race 4 at Waterford Hills. A lot of track time, a lot of good ole’ learning. Race pictures available.

Last weekend I spent 3 days racing in 90+ degree heat at Waterford Hill Road Racing Course. I got 3 practice sessions on Friday, qualifying and a race on Saturday, and 3 HPDE sessions on Saturday. On Sunday I had 2 races. I learned a ton. Chris Childs (bass player, racer extraordinaire) let me follow him around the course a few times on Friday to see a better line, then he rode shotgun (we installed a passenger race seat a week ago) during the HPDE and told me what not to do as well as some of what I should do. This new line yielded consistent low 1’25” – high 1’24” laps in the intense heat of the weekend. On Sunday, Chris drove my car in the ITA feature and squeezed a 1’23″9 out of the poor thing. His diagnosis: The car needs some work to be better than a mid-pack contender. Regardless, there’s another second to be found in the car as is. Next, I’ll open up the exhaust, stiffen the engine mounts, and remove some weight. The air cleaner could do with a good cleaning, too.

I’ve put some racing pictures on Flickr, too. If you’re really lazy, you can check them out in the moblog, locally.

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