August 27th, 2006:
Race weekend 5 complete. New race line works wonders, but I still need to get consistent and find some horsepower.

The line that Chris showed me last race weekend helped a lot. Joe (#33), the other driver from my driver’s school class with a first-year race car, had a little more horsepower this weekend thanks to his newly unrestricted exhaust and under-drive pulleys. During the Saturday race another driver decided to dive bomb us in turn one on during the start and we went 3 wide into the corner! He took most of my mirror off in the process, but I fared better than the next guy he tries to pass: he punted the left-rear of that car, breaking a tail light and crunching the quarter panel. That same driver held up a handful of us during the Sunday race, when he refused to let anyone by. He was given furled black flags three laps in a row, and did not acknowledge the caution. The Sunday feature race was exciting, I had the lowest “best time” of the weekend in my group, so I started last. I moved up pretty quickly after the first few turns due to some attrition and a better starting position (the inside line). With only a lap and a quarter to go, I got by Matt (#9, also from driver’s school) when he got a few wheels off going into turn 6.

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