June 13th, 2005:
Gina’s birthday. Race cars. Disk corruption.

Gina’s birthday is this Saturday. W00t! Not only does this indicate Gina’s worldy experience has increased by one full year, but we’ll be the same age for exactly one month.

I’ve gotten the race bug in a bad way. Though we’re hoping to sell our house and move next year, Gina and I have been talking about getting a car to begin SCCA Club Racing. Ideally, I would like to get into a Spec Racer Ford, but that’s a little advanced for me… not to mention expensive. So, my thoughts drifted to Spec Miata, but that class has already become expensive… and it hasn’t even gone national yet! (I thought spec classes were supposed to regulate cost… bah.) So, after seeing a prepped Neon up-close, I’ve become fascinated by Spec Neon. Though this is a regional-only class, the cars can be converted to ITA without too much work. The parts are plentiful, and the initial cost is not prohibitive. The cars suffer from a lot of parts failure, as the Neon was never intended to be abused on the track. Regular maintenance and preventative parts replacement will be necessary (wheel bearings, brake calipers/pistons, etc.). I’ve been hunting for a car for a bit, and Gina is right with me on this. More news as it develops…

The hard disk that contained the web sites hosted on this sever suffered unrecoverable data loss. Thanks to a good backup plan, all data was recovered and the drive was back online within a day. (This could have been fixed more quickly, but I was not at home when I discovered the failure.) In addition to my “standard” backup plan, I’ve implemented a more aggressive daily backup to multiple drives. In the near future I will alter/augment this plan with a monthly tape backup. “Better safe than sorry.”

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