July 27th, 2005:
Work insanity, race cars, “over the hill.”

The clusterf**k of projects at work has put a serious dent in my ability to look forward to going back to the office every morning. Some folks just can’t do their darn job. Though this is the exception rather than the norm, it’s frustrating as all get-out when your bleeding yourself dry for a project and company you believe in, but a few IQ-challenged asswads keep screwing up. Anyway… that’s more or less why I’ve not updated my blog in a month.

Gina and I bought our first racecar… we’ll it’s about 75% race car: a spec-prepared Neon from Steve Couture. It needs some safety equipment installed, spec suspension, and legal tires. (And I need to attend drivers school before competing.) This promises to make next year extra exciting. My first priority will still be crewing for my father-in-law, but I hope to complete the minimum number of races at WHRRI to get my full competition license. I’ll start posting pictures of the build-up process.

I turned 30 on the 18th. My teammates covered my desk in “over the hill” decorations. Last time I checked, “over the hill” was 40 or 50, but all of this stuff had “30” on it, though. I blame the internet for speeding up time.

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