May 26th, 2005:
MCE reload.

I had to reload my media center PC from scratch over the past few days. I initially tried installing from images downloaded using my MSDN license, but for some reason this version didn’t recognize the bios of my motherboard. After much tinkering, I was able to resinstall without a hitch from my original retail discs (once I found them).

The Nvidia dvd recorder is required to view live tv, recorded tv, and DVDs. Nvidia must be close to the release of a new version, because they are only offering the 30 day trial version on their site. Hopefully my license will allow me to upgrade for free.

Additionally, since reinstalling, I cannot watch several shows I previously recorded because they are tagged with DRM that thinks I’m trying to watch these shows on another computer… which is not allowed. Knowing that most Windows users reload their computers on a regular basis as part of regular maintenance, this could be a nasty limitation of MCE. How am I going to watch Hudson Hawk?! Now I really hope that the PS3 has a media center-like option.

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