August 8th, 2004:
Vacation at home. Redesign underway.

Gina and I spent this past weekend on a “vacation at home.” We agreed to do no “work” stay away from computers, avoid couch potato-ing and scheduled several outings. We watched Hellboy and enjoyed sushi, tempura, and bento goodness from Totoro (Ann Arbor) on Friday night.

Saturday, we made breakfast, went for a walk with Kacey and worked on a new song idea (with Garageband, Digital Performer, and some MOTU hardware… so much for the anti-computer angle). Saturday night, we had dinner at Tribute in Farmington Hills. It was impressive in every way: food, wine, and cost ;-). Richard, the Sommelier, invited us into the kitchen before we left. It was everything I imagined a five-star restaurant kitchen to be. Spotless, efficient, and well-organized.

Sunday, we originally planned to visit Greenfield Village, but scrapped that in favor of miniature golf. Gina beat me by 4 strokes. Curses. We the drove around Plymouth, stopped at Daly’s Drive-in and had dinner. We worked on some music a little more, and called it a weekend. A nice change from the usual panicked pace we keep.

P.S. – I’m working a sorely needed redesign for this site. More on that soon…

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