July 26th, 2004:
Birthday recently. Upcoming race on pro track.

About I week ago, I turned 29. Gina provided a Mediterranean feast (the leftovers lasted the entire weekend)… excellent. We had dinner with our families (grill-out with Gina’s parents, my parents, Christian and Robyn). Christian grilled up some amazing fillets that were accompanied by some of my favorites: seven-layer salad (24-hour salad), twice baked potatoes and, of course, Sander’s bumpy cake.

I made out pretty well in the gift department. (Although I’m not so great at receiving gifts…) Gina gave me some of my favorite Japanese candy, my favorite cigars, and a grille for my WRX. Some wrinkle-free shirts from Gina’s parents make both me and my wardrobe happy. Speaking of wardrobe, Robyn and Christian got me some geek-approved Adult Swim tees. My parents hooked me up with magnetic vinyl class and number appliques for my Solo 2 exploits. I should also mention the excellent farting, bubble “blowing”… thing… that Joy (co-worker) got me. Good times.

Glenn will be racing at Mid-Ohio Raceway this weekend. It’s a big pro track with some very interesting sections. This will be my first trip to Mid-Ohio. I hope to bring back some photos, video, and even some good race data. Updates to follow…

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