August 18th, 2004:
Wedding and Autocross this weekend. Return to the palm pilot.

This weekend Greg and Kim, friends of ours, are getting married. Party on…

Sunday will be one of the last Autocrosses that I will be able to attend this “summer.” I’ve made some modifications to my car that changes my class from STX (Street Touring eXtreme) to TSM (Street Tire, Street Modified). I have a few nagging issues that may adversely affect my performance. But, I’m hoping to have a chance to iron them out before the event. Brad got his supercharger back into his car last weekend, but will not be attending this event… because he is a coward.

After loosing all of the data on my PocketPC for the 3rd time in as many weeks, I have switched back to my Palm Pilot. Although it lacks some bells-and-whistles (and has pitiful backlighting), it is far more convenient and reliable.

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