March 23rd, 2004:
Rogerbox rocks Scalici’s. Off-site parking is lame.

Rogerbox played out at Scalici’s last Saturday with Fork and The Reel. we were well received and have been invited back. Pete, the sound engineer at Scalici’s, recorded the set for us. Downloads from that recording will be abailable in the music section of rogerbox.net.

Since our location’s parking capacity is roughly 1/2 the buildings’ human capacity, we’ve been forced into a revolving off-site parking schedule. Approx. every 6 weeks, we spend 2 weeks taking shuttle busses back and forth from our building to a local dirt parking lot. the little lot was never intended for the amount (or weight) of traffic that it now sees daily. As a result the road and lot surfaces are roughly 4 times more cratered than the surface of the moon, or approx. 2 times more cratered than the average residential road in Redford.

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