April 1st, 2004:
Rogerbox playing at Paychecks on the 2nd. Work gets more Mac-friendly.

We have another show at Paychecks in Hamtramck this Friday. This will be our first show utilizing new ad techniques (flyers). We’ll see how effective they were.

For a long time I was the only person outside of the marketing dept. using a Mac in my company. Then, even marketing was 100% P.C. (The main Mac user in marketing came over to my team.) With the popular acceptance of OS X as well as the cost-effective workstation power of the G5 the Apple Macintosh has become a viable business solution. We now have many Macintosh users (including system administrators, developers, programmers, designers, and marketers) as well as some desktop Linux users. This finally forced our mail admins to change the 3 settings on our Microsoft-based e-mail server that restricted Mac users from native use. After years of asking, we finally have native e-mail, calendar, and directory access. To celebrate, I’ve installed PocketMac which allows me to sync my PDA with my Mac at work and at home!

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