March 12th, 2004:
Legos, cars, rogerbox shows.

Recently I’ve gotten back into Legos. Although Gina has decided that Mindstorms aren’t “real” Legos, I’m having a blast with them. I’ve built 6 robots using the RIS 2.0 as well as an offroader set. A coworker (Jona) started a Lego Robotics group in Ann Arbor. In fact, he’s the one resposible for getting me interested in Legos again. I’m hoping to get up to speed soon so I can participate in some of their events (Sumo, Stair Climbing, Problem Solving, Line Following, etc.). I never knew how relaxing playing with Legos could be. Playing video games usually brings out my competitive side, wrenching on cars costs a lot. Legos are reusable, inexpensive, and fun.

Although wrenching on cars can be expensive, I still love it. Last Christmas, Gina, Robyn, and Christian bought me a nice go-fast bit for my Camaro: an 80mm throttle body. I’m hoping it warms up again so I can install that, and perform a little well-deserved (an oft-postponed) maintenance on my cars.

Rogerbox has a new drummer, Andy. He has nearly mastered our entire set and we’ve already booked 4 shows. Updates, photos, and show dates are on our site.

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