April 11th, 2024:
Pets Page Updated

After a very long break in updates, I’ve made a few changes to my lab and servers. (More on that later…)

In the meantime, I’ve updated our pets page.

- Duane

May 8th, 2015:
Pets! Page Updated

I finally updated the pets page! Charlie and Charlize are now featured.

- Duane

November 17th, 2012:
New Server!

A much needed update to this server was completed. The previous single-core Mac Mini was fighting the good fight, but could not be upgraded beyond Leopard Server (10.5). I needed some of the newer features that Mountain Lion + Mac OS Server provided. So, I purchased a used modern Mac Mini from a friend at work. The specs are impressive for a little machine: 4 Cores at 2.5 GHz and 4GB of RAM. My home automation system is much more responsive and the new text-to-speech voices make the announcements from my house so much more enjoyable! The simplified server interface took some getting used to, but provides all of the basic functionality I need when I don’t feel like jumping to a terminal interface.

Additionally, I replaced the NIC in my media center server to address strange performance issues (only getting ~5 megabit of throughput). The media server is a relatively new 6-core replacement for the aging dual-core machine that it replaced. The network issue was the last remaining performance concern. (I nearly mistook it for hard drive problems, but a few tests helped identify the real issue.) I swapped out the Intel NIC for a Broadcom chipset and all is much improved (up to 950 megabits of throughput)!

- Duane

November 21st, 2009:
First Major Framework Change Since 2000

Well… I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve been using a homebrewed framework of some sort for my personal site since 1998 (maybe earlier… my memory isn’t that great any more). First, I used SHTML. Then I started dabbling with PHP3. I eventually stepped up to using MySQL and PHP4 then made some minor changes to update to PHP5. Around the time that I moved to PHP4, I began experimenting with framework ideas that I would eventually apply at work and run several enterprise websites on for about 5 years. I’m also finally consolidating my “portal” website (archived here) and blog/personal site into www.leinninger.com, rather than using a non-search-friendly subdomain. I’ve finally jumped ship for WordPress. Why? I guess I just want to fit in. It seems that the internet loves WordPress and there’s a lot to be said for doing things the same way as a lot of other folks. I don’t spend as much time maintaining my site as a I used to and the tools developed by thousands of folks are more rich and diverse than those I can come up with on my own. I will still do some interesting custom stuff ( like the modified moblog viewer plugin on the homepage), but for now, I’m liking the simplicity and organization of an app designed for blogging. And yes, Brad… I finally have comments.

- Duane

June 16th, 2009:
Archived System Update

Since I’ve upgraded my desktop to a new iMac, my old Dual G5 Power Mac is now the primary server for Leinninger.com, Brat-Patrol.com, and other hosted sites. There may be some oddities for a little while as I complete the migration, but so far, it was fairly painless.

- Duane