November 21st, 2009:
First Major Framework Change Since 2000

Well… I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve been using a homebrewed framework of some sort for my personal site since 1998 (maybe earlier… my memory isn’t that great any more). First, I used SHTML. Then I started dabbling with PHP3. I eventually stepped up to using MySQL and PHP4 then made some minor changes to update to PHP5. Around the time that I moved to PHP4, I began experimenting with framework ideas that I would eventually apply at work and run several enterprise websites on for about 5 years. I’m also finally consolidating my “portal” website (archived here) and blog/personal site into www.leinninger.com, rather than using a non-search-friendly subdomain. I’ve finally jumped ship for WordPress. Why? I guess I just want to fit in. It seems that the internet loves WordPress and there’s a lot to be said for doing things the same way as a lot of other folks. I don’t spend as much time maintaining my site as a I used to and the tools developed by thousands of folks are more rich and diverse than those I can come up with on my own. I will still do some interesting custom stuff ( like the modified moblog viewer plugin on the homepage), but for now, I’m liking the simplicity and organization of an app designed for blogging. And yes, Brad… I finally have comments.

One response to “First Major Framework Change Since 2000”

  1. Despite the lack of an Xbox 360 controller, the system we shared our most intimate Resident Evil 5 adventure on, I’m happy to have another outlet to air my Tigerbomb grievances on.

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