May 6th, 2008:
Race car prep, Glenn’s first race of the season, Chris sets off on his own…

Two weekends ago, I completed the teardown on my Neon’s engine (top end only), but managed to be short a few fasteners, gaskets, and sealers. I ordered most of the parts and should have a running engine again by this weekend. A few things left on the panic list are: get belts re-webbed, get alignment and setup done, and fix van so I can tow the darn thing!

Glenn raced at ORP in Indianapolis last weekend. We worked through some lost horsepower issues as well as some brutal weather (cold and very windy). Glenn did well, but we still have some work to do to find that lost horsepower.

Chris Childs, a good friend of ours, is an amazing mechanic with more master certifications than anyone else I know. He worked for a race shop in the area for a long time, but has recently decided to do his own thing. He set up the 2007 T3 SCCA National Champ’s RX-8 (cutting seconds from his already stellar lap times). Chris races an ITA Neon himself and is supporting a T2 350Z team this summer. If you need any performance setup, repairs or upgrades, go see Chris… while you can… his schedule is booking up quickly! (Contact me for more info on Chris.)

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