April 22nd, 2008:
Have a slice of cake and a free NIN song.

You may have noticed a recent spate of cake pictures in the moblog update. It’s not that Duane and I are really hungry and raiding bakeries with our camera. Rather, I’ve decided to practice my cake making and decorating skills. Duane has kindly been documenting my baking experiments. As a result our coworkers have been getting to eat the results, which I think people are happy about. But soon enough it is going to be a conflict of interest if I keep feeding employees of an obesity research lab a lot of cake. So, if you find yourself needing a cake and don’t mind my non-pro status, I would love to bake one for you. In other delicious news, NIN have released a new free song, and this one has vocals! Visit nin.com to get your brand spanking new NIN. If you prefer your NIN without Trent’s melodious voice, pick up the free tracks from Ghosts or catch the podcasts of This American Life which are also featuring those tracks.

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