April 3rd, 2008:
Annual Race Season Freak-out

Every year it happens. I go through the entire winter not thinking about the race season. My shop is below zero and I have no desire to be in it. Then, the first real thaw comes and I freak out about race season. There’s so much to do and no time to do it. Sure… I could have pulled the engine, manned-up and got stuff done during the winter, but I didn’t. (Part of the reason is my demanding work/leadership training/school schedule.) Now I have about 6 weeks to do body, engine, and suspension work on my Neon. This year, I’ll be racing in ITA almost exclusively (though my car will fit into the DP class, too) so I’m upgrading to more expensive (Hoosier) tires and upgrading the exhaust (header). Panic has never been so much fun.

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