April 2nd, 2008:
I like service.

I remember when I used to go to the local shoe store with my mom to get new shoes for school. The guy would come out, measure your feet with a weird little metal slider thing, and viola! Shoes that fit would come out from behind a magic curtain. You don’t really get that level of service at most stores any more. If you’re lucky, a “sales associate” blurts out “Finding & everything o.k.? … Greaaaaat…” as they whisk by.

About a year ago, Gina convinced me to start shopping at Bachrach. The sales reps there are top notch. They know clothing, what they have in stock, and when the next line is coming in. If they’re out of your size, they’ll search other stores for it, order it and ship it to you. I even have a favorite salesman (Steve at the 12 Oaks Store in Novi, MI) and he knows what I like, where I work, and what I should/can wear to work. It’s hard to find this kind of service, respect, and expertise any more.

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