February 11th, 2008:
School and Games

I’m back at Wayne State for the last of my classes after another break. This most recent delay was due to a handful of things including selling our old house, moving, and work responsibilities. Now that things have settled a little, I’m trying to finish up the last few classes I have left. This semester, I’m taking Political Science and a replacement for an upper-level Art History class: Philosophy in Literature. (I’m a fine arts major…) After this semester, I have 1 or 2 classes left (depending on whether or not I get grandfathered into the old course requirements or not). I don’t like school. I never have. I never will. I’m only doing this to get it out of the way and not have that nagging “close, but not quite there” feeling in my head.

As often happens in the winter, my friends and co-workers have turned to video games to fight off the madness of cabin fever. We “meet” online a few nights each week to play simulated combat scenarios online. Last year we focused on Battlefield 2142. This year, it’s Call of Duty 4… and I’m pretty good at it for a change. We’ve started a 2-on-2 tournament and my teammate, Dan, and I started out strong: winning the first match. However, we were unable to finish off the other team (Jon and Jona) due to Jon’s technical issues. We’ll pick up where we left off once Jon gets the gremlins worked out.

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