January 28th, 2008:
The basement project.

One of the requirements Gina and I established when shopping for a new house was an area suitable for a home theater/game room. In Michigan, that means a basement. When we first looked at the house we eventually purchased, we were concerned that the basement would not be big enough or laid out well enough for a theater. However, after getting a closer look, we agreed it would, in fact, work quite well.

We’ve been in our house for almost 2 years now, and have completed step 2 of our basement project: installing a subfloor. (Step 1 was upgrading from an 80 amp breaker system to 200 amps.) Over the past 2 weekends, we leveled our concrete floor and installed a Dricore subfloor system. It consists of 2-foot square interlocking wood panels with plastic glued to the back. The plastic has cleats molded into it allowing for airflow under the floor as well as a vapor barrier. According to their website, covering 500 square feet would take about 8 hours. We clocked in around 24, but this was mostly due to the extensive leveling work required. A little concrete grinding and a few dozen Dricore “leving kits” (shims) took care of that.

My back has nearly recovered and we now have a warm basement floor ready for the next step: rough framing! Woot!

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