October 18th, 2007:
Brad is married. We have some business travel to take care of. The race season is over.

Brad and Lisa were married a few weeks ago. The wedding had a ton of music and flew by quickly, the reception was a lot of fun with a little work thrown in for variety’s sake. All of the groomsmen carried plastic swords because Gina and I made the mistake of telling Brad the history of groomsmen (they once defended the bride from being carried of by a competing village). Brad was the picture of calm the entire day. Whatever meds he was on… I want some.

Gina is traveling to New Orleans for a Neurology Conference, then I’m heading over to Washington State to participate in a Web Developer Summit. We’ll be pretty business traveled out afterwards, but it’s good to widen your professional experience every-so-often.

The race season is over. Glenn finished his last race at Indianapolis with a strong finish against some good drivers despite some damage affecting his suspension geometry. The weather was nice and the hotel was excellent. We had a chance to visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway, take a tour, and check out the museum. We’re not huge Indy Car fans, but it was neat seeing the history of the cars. There were a few F1 cars, but most everything was Indy focused (duh).

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