September 19th, 2007:
No news is good news.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. But it’s just been more of the same. Gina and I have been working like crazy (apart from 2 days off last week). We’re still working on getting estimates for the barn roof repair. The Spec Neon is sitting in the shop waiting for some body work, and I’ve heard nothing from the drunk driver’s insurance agency regarding our trailer. Two days after the weekend from hell, I tagged a deer with my Camaro (I was only going about 30-35 mph), enough to give the deer a sore ass and to break my headlight, put a hole in my fender (it’s plastic), and bend up the hood a little bit. I discovered a crack in my windshield after washing the car and am working with the insurance company to make sure it’s all under the same claim. The car should be going to the shop tonight for repairs. Gina needed a new wheel bearing in her Subaru as well as an oil change, so Spartan Tire hooked us up. The last car thing left is to get the clutch in my WRX replaced. The parts aren’t insanely expensive, but I would like somebody that knows what they’re doing to work on my car. If schedule allows, the amazing Chris “cat killer” Childs will be the master mechanic to undertake the task.

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