February 14th, 2007:
Sno*Drift 2007 (2 Weeks Ago)

Gina (wife), Glenn (father-in-law), and I went to the Sno*Drift Road Rally in Atlanta Michigan again this year. We haven’t been there in 2 years, but the sport is really catching on. On one of the more popular Saturday stages there were about 1,000 spectators standing out in the 12 degree Northern Michigan weather. It was the first weekend with substantial snow of the winter. As a result, the snomobilers were out in force. In fact, one stage was made into a transit because snomobilers were spotted on the road by the lead driver, Travis Pastrana. All in all, it was one of the best events we’ve attended. It was cold, but not too windy, so standing around wasn’t too bad. We got a n official Sno*Drift cowbell as well as Travis Pastrana’s autograph. Check out this video if you would like to know what it’s like without braving the cold.

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