February 7th, 2007:
Meezer update. Dot Net training.

As noted in my update 2 days ago, Sebastian had to go to the vet for a bladder blockage. He has recovered and will need special food. We expect to bring him home tonight.

I am on day 3 of .NET training. You can do some cool website things quickly. However, the output is still the stuff I have nightmares about. It is undoubtedly the the fastest way to do things wrong out there. Microsoft, it’s time to follow the rules instead of make your own. Loosen your grip on the frontend for those of us that know what we’re doing. All of the backend-only developers in the class think it’s a great way to do stuff they never could before (because they don’t know what a “div” is). You don’t go and build your own house just because you own a hammer.

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