April 30th, 2006:
WHRRI Provisional Competition License.

Last weekend I spent innumerable hours on the course at Waterford Hills. Despite my attempts to stay calm through the weekend, I admit that, internally, I was a bunch of nerves. Nonetheless, I did earn my provisional competition license. (It’s like a novice race license.)

On Saturday morning, during my third session on the track, my power steering pump started to fail and my rear stabilizer bar came apart. With a little ingenuity, a vice, washers, and some sockets, we managed to press the bushing back into the stabilizer link. They gave me no more problems the rest of the weekend. The power steering was another story; it only worked above 3000 rpm-or-so. This made the more difficult corners quite a challenge. I’ll be spending my evenings installing a new pump (provided by Chris Childs from Sky-Tek and shaking down my car. Both Glenn (father-in-law) and I will be racing next weekend at Waterford Hills. Super special thanks to George Davison and Glenn for keeping me going this weekend. I never realized how important a crew was until now! (The irony is rich, there. I’ve crewed for Glenn for over 5 years.) Thanks again. See you all at the track!

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