April 25th, 2006:
I own all of my cars. Subaru rips VW a new one. Driver’s school track time this weekend.

As of yesterday, all of my cars are paid off. I have decided that buying new is nice for the first 6 months, but then I just find myself waiting for the warranty to expire so I can modify the car. Crazy, I know, but it’s a better use of money to buy a year-or-two-old car and throw a few bucks into repairs and mods rather than loose a ton of value as soon as you drive it off of the lot.

Subaru ripped into VW’s “Fast” commercials with a straight-up bitch slap. Enjoy.

I’m finally getting some track time! I’ll be attending the on-track portion of driver’s school next weekend. 2 days of significant seat time. Hells-yeah. Check out the Neon project site here.

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