June 29th, 2004:
Crewing on the West Side, Nokia Fun, Gameboy re-visited.

I crewed for my father-in-law, Glenn, at Gingerman Raceway last weekend. Technically, the event was a regional driver’s school with a race on Sunday. Glenn decided to learn the track using the school… however, having 5 or 6 sessions on the track added up to a lot of running around for both driver and crew. The most interesting session included all of the following: tow truck on course, ambulance on course, black flags, and a pace car. I guess the instructors didn’t want their students to be surprised by anything… ever.

On Sunday, the schedule was a little different. There were only 3 groups: open wheel cars, smaller closed wheel, and big iron closed wheel. In addition to qualifying and race sessions, there was a practice. A little different, but apparently useful. After dodging some “aggressive” competition, Glenn finished in 1st place! There was some drama to sort out with some upset competition, but all-in-all it was a great weekend and a great regional event. I was a little too busy to get photos during the event, but some new timing equipment might free me up in the near future. I did get a few interesting photos on the road, including a SUV roll-over, widebody Mercedes and an early morning pic of the racecar. [Photos Here]

George shared a link to some Nokia 3650 goodness with me. Lots of useful goodies are to be had from there. There is one broken link that drives me mad. As a former Amiga-holic, I miss the complete waste-of-time demos (WOTD) that were found on every BBS around the world. There are some nice WOTDs on there, but one cannot be found… Zion. If anyone finds it, let me know.

I dug up my Gameboy recently. I guess I never had a chance to really use it before, but it’s rather convenient to flip open and play for a few minutes. Unlike many of the high-horsepower PC/Playstation2 games, there’s still a lot of interesting gameplay and unique premises. I guess I got a little tired of the average FPS and racing games… or more accurately, didn’t have the time to invest in them. Most Gameboy games can be played for 5 minutes, then put away. Pretty convenient.

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