June 21st, 2004:
Horses next door. Packed schedule. No surprises here.

Last Sunday, Gina and I were washing Kacey after cutting the lawn. (Exciting, I know.) We heard a whinny… yes, a whinny, and checked out in front of the house. It appeared as though out neighbor was having horses delivered. This would not be an incredible surprise, as it is Redford, and our neighbor is known to have late campfire parties in her backyard. It turns out that her niece, who raises horses, was just stopping by for a visit. Kacey didn’t know what to make of the largest “dogs” she had ever seen. I thought it was hilarious and took these pictures.

As is the case every summer, Gina and I have packed our schedules full. In place of our regular race schedule at Waterford Hills, Glenn is racing all over the state, as well as a trip or 2 to Mid-Ohio. Before this year I had never been to any road courses, apart from Waterford. I look forward to the coursewalks, as well as the insight of the other drivers… either overheard or observed. “Touring” certainly mixes things up a bit and makes it all a little more interesting. This weekend Glenn will be racing at Gingerman Raceway. Gina will be staying behind to fulfill her grid official commitments at WHRRI.

In addition to racing, we’re scrambling to finish up some inexpensive home improvements in preparation for the sale of our home. We have six weddings planned for this year, with only 2 yet attended. The constant rain has done wonders for our lawn, but requires us to mow more often. That’s always fun… at least Gina helps now, so the total time investment, including edging, etc., is under 2 hours. Yessir… the action never stops. 😉

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