March 27th, 2003:
Spring is here! I just want to do car stuff.

I am seriously geeked. It’s springtime, the weather is getting nice, and I’m thinking about car stuff. So, I used the standard 1/4 mile trap speed and vehicle weight (including driver) method to figure out the horsepower of my Camaro and WRX. My Camaro (3791 lbs, best et: 13.826, best trap speed: 105.13) puts out 351 hp to the rear wheels and roughly 403 hp at the engine. My WRX (3262 lbs, 14.115 et, 95.73 trap speed) makes about 228 hp to all 4 wheels and between 262 and 273 hp at the engine (not sure due to the all-wheel drive system). Although these are rough estimates, the calulcations I used have proven to be within 5 hp of the actual dyno’ed results.

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