March 25th, 2003:
I vent about XSLT… it sucks. I rant about PHP… it rocks.

We’ve used XML/XSLT and Servlets at work for almost 2 years. Initially it appeared to be a sane solution. As time has passed, we’ve realized serious limitations (especially from a font-end develper’s standpoint). The final straw was the decision to develop a content managment system (CMS) using this technology instead of my suggestion of PHP. We’re nearing completion of the CMS and due to sloppy work-arounds, slow backend development, and technical limitations, I’ve decided to develop the same system using PHP on my own server with my own time. So far, I’ve accomplished 2 days worth of work in 4 hours.

The weather has finally improved. Ahh… Now, to find time to work on my car…

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