March 7th, 2003:
I hack my GSM phone. So there.

According to Sony-Ericsson USA there is no way to upgrade a T68m GSM cellphone to a T68i. Why would one care? Personally, I like that the T68i has more personalization options (themes, screensavers, etc.). Additionally, the T68i appears to offer better reception as well as more mobile internet options. Even though Sony-Ericsson insists that there is no upgrade path, I beg to differ.

The upgrade is quite common in Europe. I found a great site offering the right data cable as well as all of the software needed to perform this upgrade. The firmware was easily found after a little Googling.

I now own a fully functioning T68i… for less than $25. The difference is quite stunning and I am happy. Props to George for showing me the difference between phones as well as making me jealous of his T68i. 😉

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