March 6th, 2003:
Archived System Update

I’ve tweaked the CSS for the left-hand menu. It should look nice in any browser now. Gecko-based (Netscape) and KHTML-based (Safari, Konqueror) browsers like to add border-width and padding to the outside of a “div” tag’s defined width, rather than include it in the total width (as I.E. does). Borders, padding, and margins should be handled the same way in “divs” that they are in “table” elements.

I’ve also fixed the printer-friendly article viewer. The entire content of the article now appears on one page for easy printing.

Finally, I’ve fixed a small glitch that made the header and footer appear more wide than the content area of each page. My bad. I set a “colspan” of 5 even though there are only 3 columns in the main layout table. D’oh!

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