October 20th, 2011:
Sayonara Airsoft! Konnichiha Paintball!

After an exciting work outing to Action Paintball Field in Taylor, I’ve decided to switch back to paintball from Airsoft. While Airsoft was relatively inexpensive and fun, it’s more difficult to find somewhere to play. A few years ago, we were having relatively frequent matches on private property (either friends or mine). However, we’ve all had some changes in our lives (some folks got married, I converted by pole barn to a full time race car workshop) and the availability of these locations has become severely limited.

Enter Paintball… There are several great Paintball fields in the area. Action Paintball in Taylor is close enough to work for a quick match on occassion, while Hell Survivors in Pinckney is just 20 minutes from my house. They have open play every weekend for just $15 as well as regular events including a zombie hunt-style outing in October. In addition to dedicated and convenient locations, the hardware is more fun than I remember. The markers (guns) shoot and hit hard, air is free at most fields with entry and all of it is easy to find (compared to Airsoft) at one of several local shops (Exotic Sportz, Action Paintball, etc.). There are even some indoor fields to play during the winter.

I’ll be selling my Airsoft gear on EBay, unless somebody would like to buy it directly (let me know). I already have 2 outing scheduled for the upcoming weekends with some folks. If you’re not sure if you want to invest in the hardware, you can rent a marker and mask from any field and try it before you buy it.

- Duane