This site started out in the 90’s as a simple collection of server-side includes as an experiment to deliver a site with dynamic content without using a database (as challenged by my friend, George. Shortly after, I built my first PHP site and pseudo framework. Although the file-based versions worked well, I wanted an interface to manage content (before content management systems were commonplace) and database to make upkeep less laborious, so I made my own framework and launched http://etc.leinninger.com/. Although I enjoyed the challenge of maintaining and extending my own framework, I have a pretty busy schedule that limits the amount of time I can spend doing it. So, I have now moved to WordPress. A system that the whole internet loves. I’m focusing on the blog portion and social app integration on this release instead of my previous focus, integrating with the “real world” through web cams and home automation hardware. I’m sure it will grow in new and unexpected directions and I’m fine with seeing where that leads…