June 6th, 2016:
Firebird Update – More Fuel Leaks

Today, I ran out during lunch and bought a fuel line repair kit. After an extended day at work, I ran out to the shop to see if I could get my Firebird fixed. The repair took about 30 minutes and the results looked good:
New section of fuel line out of the fuel filter

New section of fuel line out of the fuel filter

However, I noticed during the installation that there was potential for another leak on the inlet side of the filter… this might have been a much older leak that I mistook for a brake line leak when I parked my car 6 years ago. I continued prepping the car by changing the coolant and installing the re-charged Optima red top battery. Excited, I ran into the house to get my keys and returned to the barn where I turned the keys to the accessory position. The good news? The fuel pump energized. The bad news? The pressure caused a pretty nasty fuel leak right where I suspected. I’m not going to run out to the auto parts store again, instead I ordered the parts and a better tube bending tool online. It should all be here in plenty of time before the weekend. However, there’s an increasingly good chance that we’ll be heading to the hospital to welcome our daughter. Who knows, maybe this will be her first car? Nah… I wouldn’t do that to her 😉 Update: Camaro

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