May 1st, 2015:
I miss blogs, dammit.

I had an old blog and was pretty good at updating it. It used my personal framework instead of a mainstream, feature-packed system like WordPress. It was modular and linked to friends’ blogs. They were all pretty good at updating their blogs too.

What happened?

One explanation is simple: we don’t have time any more. We’re old. We have families to spend time with. There are more complicated hobbies to maintain. We write (good) code all day long and don’t need that special fix that we used to crave.

Another explanation? WordPress is less fun. It’s not my personal code sandbox. I don’t take pride in the feature set… I just download another plug-in and enable it. I don’t have friends providing feedback on what’s working vs. what could be better… and when they do, I don’t take it personally.

Does this post mean I’ll try harder to make blog posts? Maybe… but with the summer (and race season) starting soon, I make no promises…

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