October 10th, 2013:

I have really slacked on updates this year… a lot has happened and I just haven’t had time to catalog it all here. So, here’s the Cliff’s notes version:

  • I was promoted to Vice President, Software Engineering at the beginning of the year.
  • Since then, I’ve really had no time to focus on code, technology, my hobbies or home projects
  • I have, however, learned a great deal about high level leadership and the complexities of an enterprise organization
  • Our engineers have been cranking out awesome stuff all year long and I’m grateful to be part of their team. We launched the first phase of a revolutionary product a few weeks ago and are already ready to release the next version. I hope this release gets the team the props they deserve from our business leaders.
  • This year’s racing season was expensive and full of technical difficulties and repairs. During the first practice weekend, I hit a wall going about 80 and wiped out all of the suspension on the left side of my car as well as destroying the fiberglass nose. After that I battled with my brake bias, had a few bumps and scrapes with other cars, disintegrated my clutch, pulled the engine and trans, and tried to make my tires last a few weekend longer than I should have. The last straw was blowing up 3rd gear during the last scheduled race of the season. The car is still sitting in the barn waiting for me to pull the engine again. I hope to do that before the winter comes…
  • Gina and I went to Germany for a week… it was pretty damn awesome. Gina allowed me to tag along while she attended a conference. She was honored with a nomination for her work in appetite regulation mechanics. We spent a few extra days in Munich and Stuttgart to visit museums, castles, and more than a few Biergarten.
  • The week after we got back from Germany, we spent a week in Traverse City with our bandmates. Generally, we visited a lot of wineries, drank some wine, played a lot of music and chilled out. There’s no better way to get over jetlag than to chill in a cabin with your friends.

I’ll have some big news soon, so stay tuned. I promise I’ll post the details on this site!

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  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    We will miss you, and would love more details.

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