October 13th, 2009:
Racing season ends without a bang… luckily. Now what? P90X… that’s what.

Gina, Glenn and I finished up our 2009 racing season at Mid-Ohio. Though I had to qualify in cold and (sometimes) wet conditions, I had a TON of fun racing. I even met my goal of getting solidly into the 1:49s with my marginally prepared ITA Neon. I’m at the point where I need to spend some money. I’ve gotten by on a shoestring budget with my greatest annual expenses being a set or 2 of tires. It’s time for a new engine, trans, limited-slip differential and coilover suspension, followed by the correct size tires and wheels. Option B is to switch to the class of car that I’ve grown to respect, admire and understand the best: Spec Racer Ford. It’s the same class that Glenn (my father-in-law) races. They’re sturdy, reliable, safe, fast and equally matched. Finding a good deal on a SRF is going to cost about the same as making my Neon semi-competitive in ITA and much less expensive than starting over with a Honda CRX or Integra in ITA.

Gina and I recently began our 3rd week of P90X. While we’ve struggled at times to keep up with every movement in every exercise, we’ve been doing remarkably well. We’re even following the diet pretty darn faithfully. The biggest downside is the length of the workouts. They usually run about 90 minutes and are extremely demanding. “Do your best. Forget the rest.” Can I get an “Amen?!”

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